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Chiesa Parrocchiale di San Paolo Apostolo


The Church of San Paolo is a Catholic Christian church dating back to the 18th century and is located in the historic center of the city. Built on the highest point of Olbia, in that part, according to some scholars, which could have been the area of ​​the Punic and Roman acropolis, given the findings of a Templar structure dating back to the mid-fourth century BC, identified with the sanctuary of Melqart - Hercules. A stretch of wall was also found, which must have surrounded the temple structure, and fragments of archaic Greek pottery. Inside there are panels in which the translation of the Latin writings concerning phases of the life and conversion of Saint Paul is given. The church, entirely made of granite, has an austere bell tower which is joined by a poly chrome dome which gives it an evocative appearance. Originally it had a rectangular hall with an apse and three side chapels. However, many details of this church were lost during the extension works.

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