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Las Tronas, better known as "the little beach of Alghero", is a small beach, located on the Lungomare Valencia, behind the Hotel Las Tronas. It is usually frequented by families with children who prefer this place for its practicality and simplicity. The seabed is made up of sand and rocks and the water, almost always crystalline, does not reach one meter in height. Las Tronas, just south of the small cove of El Trò, takes its name from the "thrones", sandstone blocks, in front of which in the sixties a concrete mantle was laid on the outcropping rocks, partly dismantled to obtain sandstone blocks intended for the construction of historic buildings in Alghero. It became the space on the sea reserved for a hotel. Closed the hotel, the space remained available for free use, until in 2003 it was re-proposed as a bathing establishment. A few meters away you pass from the rocks to the white sand beach.

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